1. Course description

A specially designed course dedicated to young piano players (7-18 years old) who would like to develop their skills in Chopin repertory and prepare for the Jeune Chopin competition. The objectives of this course are meticulously structured to offer a very complete and intensive educational event. To mention a few of the most relevant concepts, we could point out the following:

  1. Individual lessons with special methods applied by chosen piano pedagogues, who have gained world-wide recognition both as renowned pedagogues and unique interpreters.
  2. A special approach taken towards each and every student, no matter which piano school does he represent. Masterclasses are a unique opportunity for students to learn interpretational, structural and additional technical skills.
  3. Conferences on elements of structure of problematic Chopin pieces, interpretational possibilities and recent discoveries on the differences between manuscripts and published editions.

To resume, this is an innovative but based on the best pedagogical traditions’ masterclass, clearly structured but flexible and adaptable to the individual skills and personality of each participant. Focused specifically on Chopin music and the learning process of the children and youth.

2. Date and Location

The lessons will begin on the 24th and finish on the 27th October 2021. Address: Maison de la Musique, rue de la Maladière 11, 1920 Martigny, Switzerland.
La colonie de Ravoire situated in the mountain close to Martigny is the ideal place for the Masterclasses and the unusually calm environment will certainly inspire the participants. The accommodation in the colonie de Ravoire, in rooms with 2-3 , 4 and 6 beds from 23th August until 27th morning.

3. Course contents

  1. Four individual lessons (60 minutes each) with prof. Akiko Ebi or prof. Alberto Nosè, or prof. Joanna Brzezinska-Maurer or prof. Magdalena Hirsz
  2. The conferences before concerts given by Professor Philippe Albèra, with practical examples on the piano, active participation of the students, etc.
  3. Concerts- Chopin recitals given by professors (concrete program will be confirmed).
  4. On the 27th October one public recital will be organised for the participants of the masterclasses where they could apply the new acquired ideas and knowledge.
  5. Extra lessons may be booked with professors. Extra lessons are not included in the course fee.

4. Rules of participation and conditions

  • Course directed to participants aged 7 to 18 years old (other ages are admitted with previous agreement with the administration). Preferably conservatory, pre-college students or children with music knowledge. Amateurs and beginners are very welcomed to observe the lessons which are open to the public.
  • Only a limited number (30) of applicants will be accepted. Due to a high number of participants, the administration may reject further applications or establish a selection process for the last 3 places.
  • 4 Selected best participants will be accepted to attend the competition Jeune Chopin in 2020 without the preliminary tour. The selection will consist of an open performance which will take place in the Maison de la Musique in Martigny (repertoire, jury, date and timing of the performance will be determined by the direction of the F. Chopin Institute in Switzerland.
  • The Application Fee will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • The Course Fee, the payments for extra lessons or any other payments, will not be reimbursed after 23rd October.


5. Fees
Application Fee: 50 CHF
Course Fee: 500 CHF
Extra lesson (60 minutes): 60 CHF
Fees are to be paid by bank transfer before the mentioned deadlines.

Apply now!

Applications after the deadline may be accepted only if there are free places in the course and contacting directly the administration.

6. Application form
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