When & Where?

The competition will be held between 14th and 18th October 2018 in the House of Music (Maison de la Musique) in Martigny surrounded by beautiful landscapes of the swiss Alps, located in the center of the city and two steps from the railway station. This place is an ideal setting for the Young Chopin Competition.

The concert hall is integrated into a large modern building with rehearsal rooms. Octodure by its Roman name, Martigny is an important crossroads between Switzerland, France and Italy, close to the Mont Blanc massif, the highest peak in Europe. The region has attracted many famous people including Jean-Jaques Rousseau, Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Franz Liszt.

The participants can chose whether to stay in Boutique Hotel or in host families for free. Boutique Hotel leads a pioneering social integration project because it employs thirty people with disabilities and provides them with a rewarding life. Boutique Hotel will grant a special discount price for all participants.

Martigny Boutique-Hôtel | 
Rue des Vorziers 7 | 
CH-1920 Martigny | 
T. +41 27 552 10 00 | 
F. +41 27 552 10 01 | 
info@martigny-hotel.ch | 

Competitors will have access to the practice rooms in the House of Music in Martigny. Breakfasts will be served by host families, lunch and dinner will be served in restaurants which will grant a special discount for the participants.


+41 77 489 81 66