Chopin Always Young and Modern!

The F. Chopin Institute in Switzerland is organizing the first edition of the International Young Chopin Competition for Young Pianists, in October 2018, in Martigny (Switzerland). This new international competition aims at discovering the music of Frédéric Chopin by young performers from all over the world to present themselves in a front of the greatest specialists of the Polish composer, most of them members of the jury of the great F. Chopin International Competition in Warsaw. Sponsored by this globally recognized institution, our competition aims to become a bridge of preparation for the polish contest.

The F. Chopin Institute - Switzerland wishes to create and promote cultural events, with accent on the musical education for young audiences. To realize this goal, many artistic activities will be proposed beside the competition. We wish to approach the young public outside the concert halls, especially in schools. By various strategies, for example multimedia tools or various artistic interventions, we want to break down stereotypes and overcome myths about classical music by trying to find the right connection with the current reality of young people in Switzerland.

By a modern aspect of Chopin’s portrait used to illustrate our contest we want to discover the values of his music always renewed, since timeless. The work of the Polish composer is always brilliant, able to open hearts and minds. The value of his music does not fade, she continues to encourage and inspire artists in all fields of art and on all continents.

One hundred years ago, when Polish history was in a period of great turbulence, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, a great Polish pianist and politician who, let us recall, lived in Morges (Switzerland), wrote: Perhaps Chopin did not realize his own greatness. But we know he was great with our greatness, strong with our strength, beautiful with our beauty.

I hope you find the key to a closer friendship with Chopin and you will enjoy the competition and the events that will surround him. I wish you an inspiring and captivating reception of the first edition of "Jeune Chopin" contest in Martigny in Switzerland.